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The World’s Best Theme Parks

By Jason Jourdan

The first theme parks opened in the mid-twentieth century, and their popularity has increased ever since. Visiting a theme park is considered the quintessential vacation for many families. Over the years, many parks have opened around the globe to offer a wide array of thrills and wonderment.

Theme Park Insider highlighted the World’s Top 25 Most Visited Theme Parks. From the classic character-themed playlands in the United States to culturally relevant thrills in Europe and East Asia, international theme parks entice visitors with a bevy of unmatched experiences.

Amusement parks enable guests to step into fantastic new worlds. Family Vacation Critic offers its list of the 19 best theme parks in the world. Notable mentions outside the global juggernaut of Disney resorts include England’s Alton Towers, Denmark’s Tivoli Gardens, and Gröna Lund in Sweden.

Thrills and spills await guests at Oakwood Theme Park in Pembrokeshire, South Wales. Boasting toddler-friendly rides, seasonal events, and the UK’s most famous wooden roller coaster, Megafobia,  Oakwood prides itself in offering fun for the whole family – even the furry ones. Oakwood’s free dog kennel service ensures the inclusion of every family member. The park’s entertainment philosophy also features a list of reasons why theme parks are good for you:

Experience a different world

Escape stress

Burn calories

Friends and family bonding

Conquer fears

An article published by Wolters World compares parks in Europe to those in the United States. Points of differentiation include:

Smaller Parks – European theme parks are smaller in size to reduce the number of days

Location – Parks in Europe are closer to major cities than US parks.

Single Focus – American parks integrate more technology, but European parks offer longer rides with one general theme for the entire venue.

Family Friendly – European parks are more family-friendly and place less emphasis on attractions geared toward “big kids.”

East Asian travelers can plan an adventure in China’s Ocean KingdomChimelong Paradise, or Shanghai Disneyland. Visitors to Japan are free to experience Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea. In addition to its Disney resorts, Japan is also home to one of the most beloved international theme parks, Sanrio Puroland. A dream come true for fans of Hello Kitty, the entire Sanrio family greets visitors with parades, pop-up museums, and lots of “Instagramable” moments.

A visit to a themed adventure park is a significant investment. A quick perusal of the Disney properties will uncover the sticker price placed on smiles and the cost of lasting memories. For travelers looking to get the most from their themed adventure experience, Travel Channel has a list of hacks to ensure the day goes smoothly:

Arrive early for good parking

Water cups are free

Pack a lunch

Plan for weather

Download park apps and follow social media

Buy tickets in advance

Park research and planning are essential. While an insurance policy won’t mitigate every risk involved with action-packed theme parks, travel insurance is a vital part of considering any international destination.  Avoid the long lines with a fast pass to coverage that’s simple, fast, and secure. Point Comfort® Travel benefits include:

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