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Redefining Luxury Travel

By Jason Jourdan

The definition of luxury travel is evolving. From grand adventures to secluded islands in the Maldives to private jet tours to locations straight out of a James Bond film, upper-echelon travel requires a level of affluence unavailable to ordinary tourists. Thirty-somethings account for 20% of all international tourists and have placed authenticity and sustainability at the forefront of preferences as they redefine what it means to be considered affluent. Simply put, Millennials are wielding their considerable demographic influence to redefine luxury travel.

Research indicates that 37% of high-income Millennials plan luxurious trips, and 32% are preparing to increase their travel spending in 2021. According to Luxe Digital, for those born between 1981 and 1996, wealth no longer aligns with the cost of one’s possessions but rather the number of enriching travel experiences posted online. An authentic, sustainable, and “postable” visit worldwide checks every box, and influencers increase tourism by documenting their “out of this world” experiences on social platforms.

Millennials yearn for shareable content of authentic experiences. Whether its evening sound baths in Columbia, Namaste to holistic yoga in the Himalayas, or daily writing salons in Costa Rica, these popular retreats offer getaways meeting the criteria for “shareable content.”

Along with authenticity, travel should be sustainable. The hospitality industry is responding to demographic demand and implementing renewable ways of operating. One sustainable luxury hot spot is The Homestead in South Africa. Homestead’s twelve luxury lodges have solar panels, all-grass roofing, and rainwater tanks. The resort also features high-end amenities and eco-friendly safaris run via electric vehicles. Sustainable practices are transforming travel, and Millennials want to be a part of the story.

The e-generation is giving voice to their thoughts on luxury travel, and the industry is responding. Millennials are bringing about a redefinition of luxury while increasing standards for genuine experiences that live beyond a moment and impact tomorrow. The future of luxury travel is a perfect blend of authenticity and sustainability as emphasis shifts from ‘rich” to “enriching.” And don’t forget to post about it!

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