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Worry Free Travel

By Jason Jourdan

Whether it’s a solo vacation, an all-inclusive resort with the family, or a short trip taken over a long weekend, traveling can be nerve-racking! Many would-be travelers become so mired in planning and scheduling their trips; they need a vacation from their vacations! The best ways for managing pre-journey stress include packing checklists, travel advisors, and the peace of mind offered by travel insurance. 

Online travel advisor, HostelWorld offers a list of measures to ease the pre-vacation scariness. Their hacks for a more enjoyable trip include:

  • Turn on ‘private browsing’ for lower prices on flights 
  • Carry an empty water bottle to fill for free once you’re through security
  • Roll clothes to allow for more room in the suitcase 
  • Use ATMs for local currency 
  • Beeswax instantly waterproofs any valuables

Vacationers embarking on their first overseas adventure will find helpful resources like Trips Discover’s 10 Best Destinations for First Time International Travelers. Locations range from the black sand beaches of Iceland to a pub-crawling in the Aran Islands of Scotland. Their exploration recommends also includes Canada, Montreal, Japan, and the breathtaking landscapes and atmospheres of New Zealand and Thailand. 

The guidance and direction of travel advisors can make all the difference in trip planning. Town & Country Magazine features some of the best agents with location-specific expertise. 

Kairos advisors Philip Haslett and Sarah Latrous provide adventurists with a luxurious trip through the hidden beauties of France. Suppose Greece is the vibe of Summer 2021, Mina Agnos with Travelive grants tourists a personalized itinerary of activities filled with authentic Grecian experiences. Gwen Kozlowski of Exeter International prepares would-be passengers with personal travel experiences for friends, couples, and families.  Bolivia is gorgeous this time of the year, and Embark Beyond agents like Jack Ezon, connect guests with a luxury experience they will never forget. 

Excuses are now exiting the chat because travel experts at Under30Experiences have outlined a planning guide for first-time international travelers, including:

  • Determining how long travel will be 
  • Mode of transportation 
  • Budget paychecks 
  • Book flights and accommodations
  • Notify bank and credit card companies of travel dates
  • Pre-Plan activities 
  • Review CDC’s list of required shots and immunizations 
  • Purchase travel insurance 

Point Comfort® Travel is a go-to resource for checking off that last line. Travel insurance varies, and vacationers should read the policy terms carefully to ensure it suits their needs. An insurance policy cannot reduce the risks involved with international travel, but it can provide peace of mind. 

Discover the worry-free protection of Point Comfort® Travel:

  • COVID-19 Medical Expense Coverage up to the Policy Maximum
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation
  • Emergency Medical Reunion
  • Return of Minor Child
  • Emergency Traveler Assistance

Manage the stress of vacation planning with the comfort and benefits of Point Comfort® travel insurance!

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