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Adventure Is Out There!

By Jason Jourdan

Where to? This question clouds the mind of adventure-seeking individuals everywhere. As we enter the waning days of summer, travelers can still grasp a memorable experience or two, and of all the demographics, the Millennials know where to find it!

Netflix has released a new series titled, The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals. The series, aimed at every budget and style of travel, showcases incredible properties worldwide and the life-changing experiences they offer. Each episode features three destinations highlighting budget-friendly, uniquely styled, and luxury rentals.

Throughout the season, viewers follow YouTubers Megan Batoon (designer and DIY-er), Jo Franco (lifestyle and travel influencer), and Luis Ortiz (Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing, New York) as they offer tips and tricks on location, cost, and amenities.

Designed to provide a fresh perspective from the most well-traveled among us, this Millennial ode to travel seeks to reinvigorate a reopening vacation industry. There’s something for everyone, from affordable treehouses, exclusive private islands, and frozen igloos to gourmet getaways.

According to House Beautiful, the Netflix series demonstrates the “travel inspiration we need” at this time. The show offers viewers travel-savvy insights into finding adventure on any budget.

In an article published by Berkshire Hathway Travel ProtectionMillennials travel and spend more than all other generations. Millennials choose to invest in experiences, believing a memory is worth more, and the mantra of “traveling while young” inform their purchases.

They’re also keen on sharing mounds of information regarding destinations, food, and activities among their tribes.

Morning Consult survey explains that 62% of U.S. adults feel comfortable traveling again. John Steinbeck once said, “People don’t take trips; trips take people.”

As the reopening world waits for travelers to pack their bags, Point Comfort stands ready with coverage for every generations’ thrill-seeking activities.

Millennial adventurists, Gen-X families, and Boomer relaxers are encouraged to include travel insurance on their packing lists before international travel of any kind.

No trip is event-free. Explore the benefits of Point Comfort Travel Insurance

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