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By Jason Jourdan

I previously wrote an article on the “BEST 3 BUDGET ACCOMMODATIONS for an Authentic Travel Experience” for those looking for great ways to travel for cheap. Today I’m sharing a few extravagant, out-of-this-world luxury accommodations that will blow your mind. You will definitely need to save up for a stay at one of these unique, resorts/hotels but it’ll be a night/week you’ll never forget.

1. Rainforest Expeditions – Peru


Rainforest Expeditions’ raised walkways throughout the resort

If you want to discover nature but aren’t too keen on leaving behind comfort and luxury, Rainforest Expeditions is an ideal choice. By far one of my best travel experiences based on exceptional accommodation. With just three walls, the fourth is completely open to the jungle, you are truly at the heart of the rainforest. The music of nature is overwhelming and captivating.

Reaching any of their three locations involves a few-hour canoe ride down the Amazon River. All inclusive package to this remote jungle destination for $350 per person per night includes a private guide with tours, al la carte meals, an unforgettable room and transportation there.

2. Kabalebo Nature Resort and/or Jungle Lodge Palumeu – Suriname  


Extraordinary lodging in the jungles of Peru

Fly an hour into the jungle and land on a grass runway at the steps of either of these fabulous nature retreats. Though not as luxurious as the above, these are also fabulous, even more off the beaten path, resorts. You’re paying for the extraordinarily distant setting, anaconda encounters and swimming with piranhas in an entirely pollution-free atmosphere. You’ll be hard pressed to find a swimming pool in a more remote place! This all-inclusive experience will cost up to $550 per night.

3. Ladera Resort – St. Lucia


Outstanding room with swimming pool and open wall overlooking the Caribbean at Ladera Resort

For $1,650 a night, including breakfast, in the Paradise Ridge Villa you can sleep in literal “heaven on earth”. You will experience luxury at a whole new level when you open your eyes in the morning to the most breathtaking view you’ve ever seen. Every room’s fourth wall is open, dangling 1,000ft above the Caribbean Sea and overlooking the Unesco World Heritage Pitons. The rooms are massive, comfortable, exotic and come with a butler to make sure your every wish is met. Sleep in the same room where Oprah Winfrey slept during her visit to St. Lucia. You will grow old but the memories of this place never will.

4. Four Seasons Nevis – St Kitts and Nevis 


Beautiful gardens by one of several swimming pools at Four Seasons Nevis

Arrive by private speed boat at the Four Seasons private pier on Nevis. Taking up a huge part of Nevis, you will truly feel you’ve escaped to paradise. Enjoy gourmet food at their restaurants, a day in a private bungalow on the beach, chasing the monkeys and playing golf on the golf course.


Arrival at Four Seasons Nevis by private speed boat

Your stay will cost around $1,150 per night. You never know who you might bump into here. We saw Prince Harry during our stay!

5. Four Seasons Seattle – USA


Dip into this marble tub with a glass of wine at Four Seasons Seattle


City View with all the comforts you need at Four Seasons Seattle

Looking for a night in the big city? For up to $1,200 a night you will sleep in a fabulously comfortable bed, soak in a marble bathtub and watch TV that is inserted into the bathroom mirror or stare out at the city lights of Seattle.

6. Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel- Peru

Extraordinary-lodging-in-the-jungles-of-Peru (1)

Extraordinary lodging in the jungles of Peru

Not only is this an exceptional base to visit World Wonder Machu Picchu from, it is a magical spa retreat with 12 acres of it’s own natural property with terraces, waterfalls and trickling streams next to stone walkways. Coffee and cakes are always available by the pool which is tucked beneath lush Peruvian forest. Try and capture the feeding humming birds on camera or sit by the wood burning fire and read. Breakfast and dinner are included for $1,000 a night. Come back from dinner to a clean  room where they’ve prepared a fire for you, turned down the bed and even placed hot water bottles in the bed to keep it toasty warm. Sleep well!

7. Royal Palm Hotel Galapagos – Galapagos Islands, Ecuador


Paradise in Paradise, Galapagos Islands

Although Galapagos Islands are extraordinary enough that even a stay in a cardboard box would be enjoyable, if you want to make a guaranteed outstanding holiday even better, head to the hills and stay at Royal Palm Hotel for $900 a night. Tennis court, restaurant, swimming pool, private villas, nature trails, resident owls and even their own private lava tunnels.

8. Chateau Heralec – Czech Republic


Castle-like fantasy stay at Chateau Heralec

Feel like royalty when you drive up to the gated driveway of this castle-like hotel and are handed a rose when you step our of your car. Forget about your luggage, everything is arranged and taken care of for you. The single restaurant uses foods from neighbouring farms, their own private gardens and the meals prepared are so evidently made with love. After a day in the historic city of Prague, settle in at this spa retreat in the country and sleep in one of their spacious, comfortable rooms for up to €700 a night.

9. Hotel Sandals Antigua Grande – Antigua and Barbuda


Fountains and sunsets at Sandals, Antigua

Rated as a whopping 6-star resort and voted “world’s most romantic resort” you may not be the only honeymooner staying here. Dine at their 11 restaurants, plunge into several pools and take a drink at one of many pool bars.  For $750 per person per night you will have an all-inclusive package with butlers serving you at every corner, unlimited scuba diving, a large suite with a sitting room, open bar, jacuzzi and private garden with a hot tub and swimming pool.