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By Jason Jourdan

If you’re looking for a faraway destination which lies beyond the reaches of your borders to escape thoughts of work and the daily grind, dive into Africa. Made up of a whopping 54 countries, this is a continent filled with possibilities and an endless variety of thrilling and relaxing experiences. Feel the sweat of Africa on your brow, enjoy the taste of the salty shores on your lips, feast your eyes on a stampede of wildlife stirring up red earth beneath their feet and inhale the early morning dew as you watch a fireball rise to another day. Below I’ve given you eight inviting examples of faraway escapes you can find deep in the heart of Africa.

Safari in Namibia 

Although there are many countries in which to see the Big 5 on safari, have you considered Namibia before? And once you’ve seen your fill of incredible, exotic creatures on the African savannah either in your own vehicle or in an open-air jeep on a safari tour, you can head to the unique restaurant Joe’s Beer House in Windhoek. Here you can literally take a bite of zebra, crocodile, ostrich, kudu and many more exotic African cuisines.

Paradise in Mauritius

Nothing makes a better faraway escape than an island in the south of Africa. As an alternative to its more famous neighbour island, Madagascar, book an expensive, yet worthwhile, holiday to Mauritius. Take your pick of wonderful travel experiences; swimming with wild dolphins, taking a walk in the woods with lions, petting cheetahs, seeing unique landscape that has seven coloured earths, exploring waterfalls and mountains and relaxing on pristine beaches. Despite being a tropical paradise known for its draw as a honeymoon getaway, you don’t need romance to enjoy the beauty of this island.

Ancient Ruins in Egypt  


Egypt doesn’t fit the stereotype profile of African travel but it is a gem when it comes to a faraway escape into history. Standing in the heart of a bustling city like Cairo is a sensory overload. Egypt is a playground for history, loaded with temples, hieroglyphs and ancient ruins. Don’t miss Giza pyramids the last of the ancient world wonders still standing. Other stops to add to your itinerary are Karnak temple in Luxor, Dendera, Abydos, Siwa, Abu Simbel, Aswan, Mt. Sinai, Dahab, Alexandria and a felucca ride down the Nile River.

Adventures in South Africa


Not only is the country of South Africa great for a famous safari at Kruger National Park, it is filled with unique adventures including ostrich riding, standing at the furthest tip of Africa where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet, leaping from one of the highest bungee jumps, cage diving with great white sharks, walking amongst a wild colony of penguins and dining in the magnificent city of Cape Town squeezed between mountain and ocean.

World Wonder in Zimbabwe/Zambia


These countries not only provide great memories of African people, culture and wildlife, they share a border on natural wonder Victoria Falls. Feel the power of Mother Nature rumble beneath your feet at the edge of a cliff filled with waterfalls of rainbows.

Gorillas in Rwanda

Rwanda has absolutely breathtaking landscapes to enjoy, but be sure to really experience it to the max. Crawl through the jungle and get a taste of life as Jane Goodall would have with chimpanzees as you sit in the tangled underbrush watching a family of wild gorillas in their natural habitat. After a long trek in the misty mountains, you’ll be hard pressed to find a further escape.

Music in Guinea


Head to West Africa for traditional African dance and culture. In countries like Guinea you can learn to play the drums with friendly locals or simply be wowed when you stumble upon intense dance offs in the middle of the night in neighbourhood streets and alleys. The beat of the drums is the soul of Africa.

All inclusive in Cape Verde


Africa doesn’t always need to be bustling cities, wildlife and adventure. Take a calmer approach to African travel and enjoy the calm of Cape Verde islands, one of the six island countries in Africa. Check in to one of the all inclusive resorts and take day tours into the sand on ATVs and Jeeps or enjoy a relaxing catamaran cruise and enjoy the view then return to an air conditioned room or a margarita by the pool.

Where do you go for a faraway escape? Share with us in the comments below and/or join us live on Twitter this Tuesday for our #TRLT chat on “Faraway Escapes” with fellow travellers!

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